About OHAC

The Mission of One Healing Arts Company is to produce theatrical work that opens hearts and minds; to create a nurturing environment for artists; to promote wellness and healing of mind and body; and to elevate collective consciousness.

Board Members

Laine Armstrong, President
Jim Bell
Aimee Epstein
Kate King
Krissy Shields

Nick Demos, Executive Director

One Healing Arts is a home base that nurtures artists. Spiritually grounded and inspirational, it offers artists much-needed services at much-reduced prices. Spearheaded by visionary Nick Demos, it blends spirituality with commerce, providing there is a place for spirituality in the market.

Julia Cameron, Best Selling Author of "The Artist’s Way"



One Healing Arts Company is a co-producer of the documentary INVISIBLE. Four women— a young athlete, a human rights advocate, a migrant, and a life cut too short— all in different stages of an often-debilitating syndrome called Fibromyalgia. This story is about the ups and downs of how Fibromyalgia has affected their careers, dreams, and relationships... And their fight to have access to treatments that actually help. Stay tuned for more details!


One Company is co-producing the documentary, Body Electric. On the eve of his 45th Birthday filmmaker Nick Demos examines body image in the gay community, obsession with youth culture and his own journey from body dysmorphia to self acceptance in middle age.

My time spent at The Farm with the One Healing Arts Retreat inspired my inner Artist and helped remind me that my Spirit, my work and my uniquely creative essence is uplifted and supported by a community of like minded people.

Chef Shain Fike


Nick Demos has an uncanny way of unleashing ones creative self. Whether through yoga or his well-thought-out exercises, I experienced an artistic reawakening and physical transformation that was nothing short of cathartic.

John Patti, Winged Victory Films


THE WRITER'S RESIDENCY RETREAT at DoLittle Farm on Jack's Lake

What: A four to seven day residency at DoLittle farm in Long Valley, NJ (1 hour, 15 min outside of NYC). Transportation to and from NYC is provided. The stay is in an 8 bedroom, 4 bath home on a private lake. Meals are NOT provided. However, there is a grocery store nearby and a full kitchen for the participants use. No more than five participants will be in residence at one time.
Who: Any artist (writing and performing arts) who is 18 years or older is encouraged to apply.
How: Acceptance is through application. Please use the link below to submit application and materials by May 15th, 2016. Applicants will be notified of acceptance by August 1st, 2016. Any questions or problems? Email nick@onehealingartscompany.com

What really impressed me about the One Healing Arts retreat was the combination of freedom and support. I had the freedom to make my own days and write on my own schedule, but I also got the chance to connect with other writers, to brainstorm and just unwind. All that, combined with the gorgeous natural surroundings, made this a remarkably relaxing and productive retreat.

William Johnson, Playwright

Having time away at the One Healing Arts retreat with no distractions and the unwavering ability to concentrate solely on writing was invaluable. Our project progressed by leaps and bounds—far beyond what I ever would have imagined possible—in just a few short and extremely productive days. Furthermore, those few days energized my writing beyond the scope of that particular project. They actually affected a huge change in my outlook as a writer, effectively “jump-starting” my entire writing process..

Andy Monroe-Composer

The great benefit of the One Healing Arts Retreat is the intimacy of the space, and the ability to keep working day and night on our new project if we chose, keeping the conversation going and being able to spend time with each other and our ideas. We could write, listen to what we’d written, talk about it, go for a walk and think about it, return and revise, hear it again. Cook and eat and keep talking about it. That is my idea of heaven.

Darrah Cloud, Playwright and Lyricist